We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to create transformative outdoor experiences that help marginalized women find healing, well-being, and hope.

Our Belief

Adventurous and Brave. Leaders and Encouragers. We know that these qualities are true of and are within every woman. The stories of her past do not define her. 

We believe that she is able to do, say, and create things of great power.

Our Values

Embrace the outdoors.

Well take any excuse to be outside. We believe a powerful thing happens when we experience the mystique and majesty of nature; we connect, learn, gain perspective, and grow.


Dare to try.

Our bodies are strong, capable, and able to do great and powerful things. We create the space for women to push themselves beyond what they deemed possible, all in a safe, encouraging environment.


Honor each individual’s story.

Who we are today and who we will be tomorrow is all part of a master story God is writing for our lives. We know each person’s life and experiences are unique, and we respect the adversity that we all have had to face.


Build genuine, trusted relationships.

God designed us to our core to live and be in relationship. It is our greatest need and our greatest desire. We work hard to establish relationships built on trust, understanding, and free of judgment.


Team work makes the dream work.

Meet Our Team

To help marginalized women find healing, well-being, and hope.

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