Together, we are always better.

Experience Partners

Find Your Fit.

As an Experience Partner, you will serve as the hands and feet of our programming. Experience Partners provide the equipment, facilities, and planning to make our experiences happen. We look for the following:

  • Camps willing to provide their facilities and activities for a weekend retreat or a week-long experience.
  • Adventure programs that provide guides, planning, gear, and execution.

Sister Organizations

We Exist To Serve You.

Our sister organizations are already great at working with the population of women we seek to serve. This includes women ages 18+ years old recovering from a life of trafficking, exploitation, abuse, or addiction. For sister organizations, our experiences are available for your participants to enjoy, whether as a healing agent in their recovery process or simply as a day of play.

We wake up every day to serve both you, and the women you care for with such fervor and compassion.

Corporate Partnerships

Connect Your Corporate Purpose.

We desire to connect with corporations and organizations that believe in our work and our vision for the women we serve. Whether your philosophy parallels with our humanitarian roots or our belief in the power of the outdoors, we want to get to know you.

We believe that together, we are always better.

Get Outside, Get Inspired.